Friday, May 25, 2007

FMCG companies go nutritious !

Whoever said that Indians are malnourished ?

With every shampoo, toothpaste and soap these days, having extracts of egg, curd, pumpkin, papaya, strawberries, banana, spinach , rose, gulmohar, orchid etc etc .. I'm sure we all get a lot of their nutrients whether we want it or not ! Pretty convenient, one could say. I mean, naturally none of us would've thought of munching on a red rose, thereby missing out on the much hyped nutritions that it is supposed to be teeming with ! Thank FMCGs for their kind attention to this and thereby including prized roses in their products.

The questions stands at how genuine these claims are ? Even if they ARE genuine, do I really need watermelon in my hairs ? Wouldn't I rather eat it and give the nutrients a better path into my body rather than rubbing it on my hairs ?

However, the trick here seems to be to cash in on the recent "go green" trend. Any product with veggie extracts in it , appeals to the customers. This brings us to the question of how matured the Indian customer really is ! Pretty matured, I'd say.. these gimmicks can attract customers for the first time but it's quite difficult to hold on to them if you don't deliver what you promised. That is more so important in a country like India, where the concept of "brand loyalty" is virtually absent. If I'm using soap X today, the next time I'm buying soap.. there's little certainty that I'd go looking for the same brand. Instead I'll probably be more concerned about other criteria such as "other new products","prices" and "availability"(here... "I" is the typical Indian customer.. the regular "I".. that's ME.. uses the same brand of soap always :P)

But it's nonetheless interesting and amusing to see what they can come up with next ! Almost all known species of fruits, vegetables, milk (and other dairy products) and flowers have been extracted for use in FMCG products. Wonder what's next ??

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Migrated from Yahoo! 360

Hi Friends,

Migrating my blog from Yahoo! 360 to blogger.

Reason being that some of my blog visitors (I'll refrain from taking names :P) were too lazy to login to Yahoo and post comments. I figured that maybe the convenience of posting anonymously / easy sign-in through GMail account on Blogger would be a smaller deterrent !

Link to Yahoo! 360 blog page (rendered inactive henceforth) -

Keep watching this space for more !

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