Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Good, Bad and The Joker !

Call it incessant rhapsodizing, euphoria or viral marketing.. the fact remains that The Dark Knight's 'Joker', brought to life by Late Heath Ledger, will sweep you off your feet, curl you up in your seats and put you in deep thought ! As the comic book character, Joker, the maniac who loves to kill, Ledger delivers a performance which probably surpasses any prior rendition of the Joker, animated or otherwise. Watch the Joker bring a "smile" to his preys' faces as he goes on a rampage - killing, bombing and looting Gotham city. Every scene and every entry of the Joker on screen is purely a high-wattage affair. So much so that a fairly good performance by Christian Bale as Batman is pushed to the background.

The biggest achievement of Ledger and the directorial team, although, does not lie in creating yet another "high-wattage" drama. Hollywood's done that before.. with incandescent actors like Ledger, camera work par-excellence and graphics capabilities, its a given ! What separates the chaff from this movie is the fact that it is a breath-taking attempt at baring the mind of a psychopath. Why does the Joker kill ? For money ? No ! For revenge ? No ! The Joker kills because he LIKES to kill. He kills because he believes that there's that hidden streak of evil in everyone around him - the only difference is that we don't like to show it as blatantly as he does. His crime is an attempt to provoke others to bring out their veiled evil streak in the open..

The movie depicts an "idealist" view wherein citizens of Gotham city do not possess that evil streak at all (am not gonna give out any spoilers.. watch the movie yourself !). But idealism will lead us nowhere ! Which brings us to the question - Does the world really need a Batman or do we need a Joker first ??

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