Saturday, June 21, 2008

Why 8.5 million+ users love Firefox 3 !!

It's as grand as it gets ! With over 8.5 million downloads on the first day of its launch, Firefox 3 is all set to create its mark as the "most downloaded software" in Guinness Book of World Records. Glancing back at Firefox 2, the figure of 1.6 million downloads, though not puny by any standards, is overshadowed.

The Firefox 3 Download Counter

Why do the net surfers of this world love Firefox 3 ? What instigates 8.5 million users to ignore the default Internet Explorer and Safari browsers that come bundled with their company's OSes and download Firefox ?

For starters, Firefox makes the web YOURS, literally ! It is probably the only browser that'll let you run plug-ins that enhance the feature set of sites like Orkut and GMail. My GMail has an all new themed look, thanx to the "Better GMail 2" plugin. It makes the browser a personal product, letting you add/remove/modify the features by way of plugins or by using the config option. Need an integrated dictionary option ? Wanna see screenshots next to your Google search results ? Want to write your blogs offline ? Want to view all images in a 3-D window ? Firefox has a plugin for all that and more !

GMail (Themed) with Better GMail 2

Numerous other benefits, especially faster product patches and fixes (many thanks to the Mozilla Community), easy installation (NO system restart), neat interface, faster loading of websites than any other browser and lighter consumption of system resources (with Firefox 3), make Firefox an indispensable software for any PC.

And for those of you who think Microsoft's might lies in marketing.. think again ! Visit and see how Mozilla's marketing, based purely on the strengths of their product and users' faith in it, has succeeded in getting that staggering figure of 8.5 million downloads within 24 hours. Millions of users pledged to download Firefox 3 the day it is released. And the product hasn't let them down ! 12 million plus downloads have been done since it's release, which is a testimonial to its viral spread.

What does the Mozilla Community have to gain from this ? It's a FREE software, aint it ? It doesn't have ad-bars or pop-ads either !

The answer is simple - The internet belongs to the users, Firefox lets them reclaim it ! With a horde of proprietary coding techniques (read : IE), which result in non-standardized display of sites across different browsers, the net is in a mess ! Firefox and Mozilla stand for OPEN standards. As the Mozilla Developer Community tagline goes - "Don't hurt the web... Use open standards !"

Three cheers for Mozilla and Firefox 3 ! Click any of the buttons below to download Firefox 3..

Firefox 3


Abhinav Kishore

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