Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Aaja Nachle - The Diva Returns

The diva returns - an actress who made a million hearts throb with
"Dhak Dhak" , who made us all believe that "Someone.. Somewhere.. is made for you" and who danced her way out of the Indian Film Industry 5 years back with "Maar Daala" !

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Friends and Foes, Earthlings and Aliens.. I present before you, the invincible, gorgeous and evergreen Madhuri Dixit !!

Madhuri returns to Indian films with Yashraj Film's Aaja Nachle ! It's 4 days past the release of the movie and having seen it at the first opportunity, it'd be sheer sacrilege if I deny you all (my regular blog readers), the pleasure of a peek into Madhuri's comeback tale. Disclaimer : All views and opinions expressed herein belong solely to the author of this blog who has a natural bias towards Madhuri and will hence neither express nor accept any derogatory comments / remarks about her :D

The movie begins with.. Madhuri (Dia) dancing and ends with Madhuri dancing ! Sheer treat for all her fans, if you ask me. Chuck the movie, chuck the story, chuck the direction, screenplay and the dialogs ! Go there just to see one of the most versatile dancers of Indian cinema performing the most exotic jhatka-matkas, flashing the regular 1000 watt smile of hers and delivering a performance that leaves you gasping for more. She can still emote as she did, she can still make you laugh and cry with her, and most importantly - she can still make you dance with her !

The movie is centered around Dia who comes back to her town, Shamli to save the local theater, Ajanta, with which she and her Guruji shared an emotional bond. With some other typical movie masala put in and a beautifully choreographed climax (a musical rendition of laila majnu starring Kunal Kapoor and Konkana Sen Sharma) the story reaches a happy ending - Ajanta is saved from demolition and revived by the people of Shamli.

Believe me - that's all there is to the story :) Those who expect anything more from the story are hereby warned that the movie is solely meant for pure-blood Madhuri Dixit fans who do NOT mind spending a few hundreds on the ticket to see her on screen !

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