Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blogging In A Round World !

Firstly, thanks to all my blog visitors for being umm.. regular visitors ! With the last post my blog completed 1000 hits. Looks like people from far and beyond have been reading my blog too :D My statistics counter reveals that this blog is visited by people from India, US, UK, Germany, Singapore, UAE, Mauritius, Egypt, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Japan, Senegal, Romania, Canada, Malaysia, Qatar, Netherlands and some others which the tracker couldn't track.

Speaking of hits, don't we all like more and more hits on our blogs everyday ? But then how many of us actually manage to get hits without pestering our friends to go and click on our blog links (GA and PDV - are you listening ? :P) ? But let that not bring a wrinkle on your forehead. Venture out into the Google territory and there are enormous number of sites and blogs which give you "tips" on increasing your blog traffic (yeah.. they tell you to go and pester your friends too :P). Now you might find this weird but blogs which tell you how to increase your blog's site traffic get some pretty good traffic themselves !! So here's what I'm gonna do.. like a true consultant, I shall give you wonderful topics to blog about. These topics are sure to get you increased traffic on your blog.

(The topics come with my extended never-return-to-my-blog-if-not-satisfied-guarantee !)

  1. How to increase hits on your blog ! (Tried and tested... never fails)

  2. I love Windows Vista ! (Write on this topic and I assure you threatening comments from the indignants)

  3. MBA, placements, money (You get 2 lac CAT aspirants from India buzzing to your site)

  4. How to lose X kgs in Y days (The number of hits is directly proportional to the X:Y ratio. The larger the X and smaller the Y, the more is your blog traffic)

  5. Osama Bin Laden (ONE hit assured.. guess where from ? ;))

  6. Shakira, Sakira, Sakhira, Sakir, Sharikha - just try ANY one of them. With people desperately googling for any info on her and making little typos in the process, you'll be better off tagging ALL those keywords.

  7. Give out freebies on your blog - free software, wallpaper, iconset.. anything ! (Here's the analogy - FREE:Humans::Honey:Bees)

  8. Aishwarya Rai (Who cares if you get traffic or not - just drop me a line with your blog link and consider one hit added)
Satisfaction guaranteed with the above topics. Do leave a comment if you blog on any of those topics. Unfortunately I can't reserve copyrights to the above topics, but I'd nevertheless expect a thank you phrase in your blog, a link-back and a courtesy mail should any of them work for you :P

Till next time..



Hareesh said...

Hey Abhinav, Congrats on hitting 1000. This is my first visit and I liked your blog.

Gagan said...

You know why you have 1000 hits ? Cause 900 times you hit your site with your DUMB ideas !

Abhinav Kishore said...


Shooo ! Don't ever come back to my blog again... !!

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