Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Favourites !

In an attempt to lend a more personal touch to this blog, here's a list of my favorites across various categories that I can think of :) Did I hear someone saying "How am I concerned??".. Go hit the red cross button in the upper right corner of this window :P !

A few riders before I actually start the listing - these are in no particular order and I've only included the categories where I've a distinct favorite . So there's no "favorite hindi movie" section coz I can think of many of them which I like almost the same.
  1. Favorite Author - P.G. Wodehouse
  2. Favorite Actress - Aishwarya Rai
  3. Favorite Game - Age of Empires series
  4. Favorite Book (recent) - Ramayana Series by Ashok Banker
  5. Favorite Book (all time) - Jeeves and Wooster series
  6. Favorite Movie (English) - Lord of The Rings series
  7. Favorite Color - Orange
  8. Favorite Chat Messenger - Yahoo
  9. Favorite E-Mail service - GMail
  10. Favorite Search Engine - I deny answering this ! As far as I'm concerned, there's just ONE search engine that exists ! The rest is all hogwash !
  11. Favorite Website -
  12. Favorite Cartoon Character - Bugs Bunny
  13. Favorite Comics - Archies
  14. Favorite Newspaper (National Daily) - Times Of India
  15. Favorite Newspaper (Financial)- Mint by Hindustan Times
  16. Favorite Technology Brand - Google
  17. Favorite Possession - My laptop !
  18. Favorite Fruit - Mango
  19. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor - Butter Scotch
  20. Favorite Greeting - "Hey.. Hi!"
Hope that you all keep the above list handy till my next birthday :P



Preethi said...

Abhinav.. you chose Aishwarya Rai over Madhuri Dixit? :O the actress with whom you ACTUALLY appeared on tv??? man!! she would be sooo disappointed to here this!

Gagan said...

Abhinav... you forgot to mention -

Favorite Passtime : Acting like a celebrity and publishing favorites as though people will start rushing to shops and buying what "Abhinav Kishore" likes.
oo la la Abhinav Kishore... He is so cute... you know you know.. He loves P.G Wodehouse... I ll start reading it today! Oh, I wonder what brand jeans he wears... n blah blah blah !!!

Abhinav Kishore said...


Aha ! So you DO agree that I'm cute, don't you ? I knew that you knew - you just didn't want to accept it !

Anyways.. thanks.. you really didn't need to make that compliment public, you know..

Gagan said...

Sarcasm is lost on you. You poor soul

Abhinav Kishore said...

I shall now be the bigger person and put and end to this silly fight ! Let's settle on both of us being cute - see.. thats fair enough now - If I can go to the extent of calling YOU cute.. surely its not too difficult to call me the same ! All Happy !!

Gagan said...

I would have liked you calling me "Fair" but its ok... I'll do with cute. Fight over

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