Monday, June 11, 2007

And thus began the much awaited MBA course..

Hello people !

After many delays, lost couriers, redirected speed posts, angry phone calls to the SP Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR - for future reference) and several trips to the courier office, I finally got my PGDM PFC material (Post Graduate Diploma in Management - Pre Foundation Course) which flags off two years of books, studies, assignments, drudgery and (hopefully) fun ! :D

Contents of the PFC :

  1. Fat book on Business Statistics
  2. Fat ugly book on Management Science with spreadshets
  3. Fatter, uglier book on Financial Accounting by Stice & Stice ! (HMPH ! Looks like a Stice family conspiracy to make my life miserable ! May a bird with an upset stomach relieve it's droppings on the Stice residence.. wherever it is !)
  4. Miscellaneous hand written notes by professors on each of those topics. Looks like a must-read (as a rule - always be scared of professors who prefix "Dr" to their names :D)

The whole ordeal has been scheduled to last for 30+12+(not known) number of hours for each of the above respectively.

So that leaves me with umm.. 6 days (leaving for Mumbai on 16th evening) to prepare for the test that awaits me on campus. Further analysis reveals thus :

42 hours

6 days

No. of study hours per day = 42/6 = 7 hours/day (That shud almost cover the time of the day when I'm awake :D)

On the brighter side. the material doesn't look too monotonous. Lots of interesting stuff which (thankfully) doesn't need to be gulped down the throat for examination purposes. Let's see how I fare... will keep you all updated on this !

Till next time.. Cheers !


Preethi Vallam said...

Yippee!! so, Abhinav has started studying! And that too, FAT books! wow!! :P Good luck! May Abhinav Kishore prevail over the Stice family! :P

Gagan said...

Yo preethi! :P May Abhinav Kishore make the stice family proud. May they write hell lot more of those "lovely" books and May god make more and more "lovely" Abhinav's to read these "lovely" books. Hey you know what "lovely" means right?

Abhinav said...

@Gagan n Preethi !!


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Preethi said...

Mr Abhinav Kishore! you were supposed to keep us updated in your blog about your progress! HMPH!! do you *always* need someone to push you to do things? grow up! :P

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