Friday, January 18, 2008

Backtrack to MBA entrance days...

Since there's nothing interesting happening in my life these days (at least nothing that I would want to bore my blog readers with), I decided to take a walk down the memory lane and share my journey through the tumultuous days of MBA entrance examinations which culminated in the very delightful SPJIMR, Mumbai admission.

2006 November - It was my second attempt at MBA entrances. My first attempt in 2005 (while I was in my final year of engineering) didn't go too well (percentiles remain undisclosed!). The second attempt was placed right in the middle of my job tenure at Oracle, Bangalore. Thankfully for me, the work-life balance that so many corporates CLAIM, was a reality at Oracle. I had sufficient amount of time on my hands to prepare for the entrance exams. But as luck would have it - I made the most unproductive use of that time that was possible. The few Sunday Mock CATs which I attended (purely out of the guilt feeling of paying 5K odd bucks to Career Launcher and not attending a lot of the mocks) were the saving grace.

The exams happened - some good, some bad, some ugly and some not worth qualifying with any adjective invented yet by mankind! For the sake of maintaining my reputation amongst those who know me, I shall restrict to discussing the "good" ones here. XAT was one of the good ones which ultimately fetched me an SPJIMR call.

Didn't come as a MAJOR surprise because I had the call in 2005 also with a lesser score in CAT. But nevertheless - it was wonderful to see my name on the website after hours of refreshing and

Then came the most difficult part - "converting" the call (for the non-MBA aspirants : It means securing a final seat in the institute after clearing several rounds of interviews!). And while the logical mind would start expecting a whole lot of things here about how I went about preparing day and night for the interviews and stuck to that call for my dear life, I prefer to spring a few surprises :D

I only remember glancing at the newspapers every now and then and following some news channels once I was back from office (the news channels would still not receive higher preference than my favorite prime time channels - MTV, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and HBO). Of course, the experience of attending an SPJIMR interview last year had me well prepared for what was coming my way :)

The fist round of interview took place in Bangalore - "smooth" is how I would describe it. No high points and no low points. Came to know the results a few days later when I was sitting in my office refreshing the website :P - I had cleared the first round. The second round held in Mumbai was also a breeze. The final results this time created a much bigger flutter than earlier - I was happy (and running right through my office corridors to call up home!), my manager at office wasn't too happy (I wasn't too happy about leaving Oracle either... one of the best places to work!) and mom and dad were obviously elated!

Amidst all this, I must mention that there was no bigger support than my friends and my brother who'd have to bear with my endless discussions about interviews, result dates, B-Schools etc. etc. etc. I virtually spoke the "MBA" language for those few months right through my coffee and lunch breaks at office (My good friends GA, BKD and PS will vouch for that!). If someone asks me today about why I converted my call this year and not last year - the answer would not be "good score", "work-ex" or "luck" - the answer is that it is these people who made all the difference :) So a BIG "thank you" to all of you.. And a specially BIG thank you to my special friend code-named "Sona Chhele" who was probably the saddest of the lot when I broke the news about leaving for Mumbai.

Till next time... Cheers !


Gagan said...

Finally I get the much deserved mention on your blog! :P
But don't worry, you never went overboard with the whole thing. You were always relaxed, even when you were tense! I Guess thats the secret of your.. lets say.. success :)
Happy for you that you made it!
Good luck !

Trinity said...

And I thought I was the only one who was busy watching friends... and grey's anatomy with just a week to go for my interview. Thats a relief. :)
Nice blog you got !!

pri said...
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pri said...

wow....after reading that, i'm on cloud 9 :P..though i still think its only you who actually pulled it off..and like Gagan said its amazing how you were so calm during such an important admission process but used to get all tensed when while waiting for the lift,someone who came after you pushed you aside and ran into the lift before :P Anyways good luck...enjoy the rest of the time at spjimr

pri said...

btw bkd and ps were chatting abt your blog and smart b decrypted 'sona chelle' it who we think it is?

Bhanita said...

here is my first comment on ur blog! it so well reminded me of our good old days at Oracle.. As all of us have already agreed, you were really calm during the MBA process, and got thru it with flying colours!
make the most of the time at SPJ, after all u "slogged" for it!!
by the way, do we know this "sona chelle" :P

Bhanita said...
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Gagan said...

My god... I actually didn't think too much about Sona chelle or whoever when I first read your post, but now reading Pri's and Bhanita's comments, it rings some bells in my mind too :P Are we on the same page boss ?

Gagan said...

And of course no marks for guessing who pushed you aside in the lift, and got in before you did. Last in first out thing :P

Abhinav Kishore said...

@GA, BKD and PS

You all should KNOW who "Sona Chhele" is ! You all know him...


YOU would definitely know all about the lift pusher ! Howz he doing ? Still pushing around poor kids in the office or has he learned to behave better ?

Gagan said...

Oh Damn.. Sona chele is HIM? not HER? WAP to print odd numbers - No??

Haha I'm forced to remember all those days we laughed about all this lift pushing business. LOL. I'm going to write about this stuff soon.

Abhinav Kishore said...


LOLZZZ @ "WAP to print odd numbers" !! Lets not start discussing those things - we'll have millions of them !

Vandana Shenoy said...

Happened to glance through your blog, and I can so very much associate with it, cos I am here, sitting in my office and refreshing the SP site awaiting my results !
Good luck to you !

marry said...

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swayam siddhi said...
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