Monday, January 7, 2008

A Likeable Desktop..

After several weeks of exploration and experimentation with wallpapers, Windows Vista Aero themes and icons - I finally seem to have stumbled upon this desktop setting that looks pretty cool :) For those of you who like the above theme and would want to replicate something on similar lines, here are the details:

1. Wallpaper - Download Here (Expand in full view in picasa and copy)
2. Mac style icon bar - Rocket Dock ( Free Download
3. Windows Vista Aero colour scheme - Read Colour
4. Icons - Disable "autoarrange" and drag icons to the center. Arrange as per your choice though I personally prefer the horizontal look!

Till next time..



Gagan said...

We are expecting you to write about MBA experiences, what life in Mumbai is like, what the hell our Dear friend Abhinav is up to, NOT details of some nerdy stuff you choose to "stumble" upon !! Please !

Preethi said...


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