Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kate Winslet dazzles in Revolutionary Road !

I've been trying to catch as many of the Oscar nominated movies this year as possible and so far most have been a disappointment - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Milk are just worth one watch each, Slumdog Millionaire is good but you won't find me raving about it. Valkyrie, not Oscar nominated but much hyped nevertheless, was a complete disappointment. But just when one begins to lose faith in the movie churning factory called Hollywood, there's a gem that's rolled out and it manages to reinstate one's faith in the art of film-making. Welcome to Revolutionary Road. The movie, aptly named after the street on which the protagonists, Mr and Mrs. Wheeler (Di Caprio and Kate Winslet) reside, is a class apart.

Tumultuous marital reations have been the subject of many movies but very few are crafted to such excellence and topped with truly incandescent performances by the lead pair. Cutting the long story short - watch this movie to witness the sheer adroitness with which Kate Winslet carries off the character of April Wheeler. She dazzles at the right moments, and does not simply emote, but radiates emotions all over the canvas. As the aspiring wife who wants to break free from the monotonous and illusioned life she's leading with her husband, Kate Winslet takes you through a roller coaster ride of hope, disappointment, unrealistic expectations and shattered dreams. She leaves you spellbound with her performance, arguably one of the best seen on screen this year. I have reasons to believe that the only performance that could challenge this one would be her own in The Reader, which I haven't seen yet. Reviews have been raving about Kate Winslet being one of the finest actresses of her generation, and now I see a good reason why !

Leonardo DiCaprio does a swell job of playing the distressed man who's directionless about his future. He has come a long way since Titanic and complements Winslet's show-stealing act perfectly.

The movie doesn't have a story that'll bind you but makes up for it by performances and direction that'll leave you mesmerized. A must-watch this season !



Devil's Advocate said...

you have an award on my blogpage. Cheers. :-)

@njali! said...

Having followed the oscar movies this year, even before their release, I couldn't agree with you more. Slumdog Millionaire is much too overrated for its worth in my personal opinion. Revolutionary Road on the other hand is phenomenal.

You have captured Winslet's character so accurately in this review. With such few dialogues, and an ocean of emotions, she's absolute finesse'.

Preethi said...

watched this movie after reading this blog of yours.. and I have to admit, its soooo different and nice! delicately handled subject with magnificent acting.. though I hope there was a more positive ending :( atleast onscreen, I would like to see more hope and positivity... anyway, I am 100% sure that only Hollywood could have handled this subject so well! :)

Gagan said...

Wow ! well written.. I am going to try and watch it today

Gagan said...

OK.. I watched it today. I guess its a movie to ponder over. And its kind off scary, difficult to understand

I felt they had NO reason to hate each other or be unhappy..
Plus no reason to fight.
Plus I didn't understand if she was in love with him at all
I felt sorry as hell for Leo..
I despised April Wheeler
n all n all n all... confusing !!

Gagan said...
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