Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Firefox 3.5 - The Web Has Been Upgraded !

Yes.. it's true. We're not talking about a browser upgrade or a new release here. We're talking of an upgraded web experience! Ladies and gentlemen, pros and amateurs, believers and disbelievers.. behold the new age browser in it's Fastest avatar ever - Firefox 3.5 ! Come Tuesday, 30th June 2009 and the world wide web will be a better place with the launch of Firefox 3.5 !

It's good enough that Firefox is undoubtedly the best and one of the fastest browsers around. What makes it even more exciting is that it keeps surpassing itself with every new release. Firefox 3.5, originally versioned 3.1, was later re-christened to Firefox 3.5 to signify the leapfrog improvements featured in the revamped version.

The list of features that Firefox 3.5 brings to the table is endless and needs to be experienced rather than be told. With newly introduced Private browsing mode, Location Aware Browsing, ability to re-open closed windows and tabs with a single click, Lightning fast browsing and a lighter-than-ever memory footprint, Firefox 3.5 is the ONLY smart way to surf the web. Visit the official homepage and watch the video to know more : http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/comingsoon/ For the curious and the impatient, the "release candidate" of Firefox 3.5 is available for download at the above webpage.

For those of you who worry about the Firefox memory footprint need to take a look at this link : http://dotnetperls.com/chrome-memory. Against popular myth, Google's Chrome may be as fast as Firefox but at the same time is also 3 times heavier on your RAM! Firefox 3.5 has the smallest memory footprint among all the web browsers tested. So if you love your RAM, Firefox 3.5 gives you a good reason to switch.

Going by past trends, experts predict that the the might of Firefox 3.5 might be sufficient to accelerate the decline of IE as the once-reigning web browser. Read here for more: http://www.pcworld.com/article/167135/firefox_35_release_may_accelerate_ies_downfall.html

Get smart ! Switch over to Firefox today !


Gagan said...

Woh sab to theek hai.... Neeche yeh IE 8 ka advertisement kya kar raha hai ??

Nishant said...

Well, looks good certainly, but am not without apprehensions! Sorry to be skeptical, but my experience with Firefox 3 has been faaaaar from satisfactory. Your blog on it didn't help me feel good about F3. Lets hope 3.5 is much better in terms of stability.
As for memory leaks reports etc, there are as many as you would want to read & most of them contradicting. Chrome certainly is much more neater, and the way you can play with tabs in it is certainly the most flexible!
To ur disappointment, I have almost stopped using Firefox altogether!

Abhinav Kishore said...

Now that we fought over this on GTalk.. not much to be said :) But Google Chrome is definitely a worthy contender and therefore my secondary browser !

dolly said...

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